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"After the first week, I realized I was really quite a bit more comfortable in the SHS Supreme saddle" -Sandra Currier, Trainer Bluebonnet Farm, Texas


"I have been a professional trainer for 40 years. During that time, I have bought and sold countless cutback saddles that didn't suit me. Then I met the SHS Supreme saddle sold by Shelby Horse Supply and my search for a saddle I liked was over. The SHS Supreme is comfortable, fits me and my horses, and is a bargain at the price. My amateurs love its wonderful quality and security. Thanks Shelby Horse Supply!" -Bonnie Sogoloff, Trainer Ceadar Spring Farm, Vermont


"I abosolutely love my SHS Supreme saddle. It has enough grip to help support me when I work without stirrups. The position not only feels great, but it's also soft and comfortable" -Jordyn Isgrigg, Junior Exhibitor Infinity Stables, Kentucky


"My new SHS Supreme saddle is awesome! Having switched from the MMXTreme, I wanted a saddle that was not only beautiful to look at, but also delivered excellent performance. The SHS Supreme saddle has exceeded all of my expectations" -Beth Mitchell, Exhibitor


"The SHS Supreme saddle is the most comfortable I've ever ridden in. That, coupled with your expert help and great trade in with my old saddle, makes the SHS Supreme saddle the best deal anywhere. Thank you so much for working with Denessa Harper and me to get just the right saddle. We both love it, especially for riding a performance horse." -Candi Aversenti, Owner/Exhibitor